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♡ In Loving Memory 

Brian at WAE.jpg

Brian Couch, WAE2 Maintenance Manager for 4 yrs

You are everywhere at the barn. Thank you for building our chicken coop and guinea pig enclosures, putting up our outdoor stall, building, by hand, our beautiful fence and fixing absolutely everything! The connection you've always had with animals, in general, included our animals too. Ty loved just standing next to you while you worked and Sunshine loved taking you for rides in the arena. The emptiness in our hearts can never be filled, you will be forever missed! 

forever loved

Brian building fence thumbnail 2.17_edited.jpg
Oakie nose through fencing.jpg
Jazzy April 19 2021_edited.jpg

Oakie, In loving memory of the service and kindness you shared. So many people were touched by your gentle soul in a short amount of time. We miss you!

Such a sweet and gentle soul whose baa is still missed in the barn.

In Recognition

Melanie and Angel.jpg

Melanie Moir, Co-Founder of Worlds Alive Equine, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, EAGALA Certified MH Professional. Website:

Angel, 16 year old Missouri Fox Trotter

Equine Therapist working and living in Ventura County

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