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Equine Art Classes



Schedule the day/time that works for you or your group or attend one of the scheduled classes below

Class Information:

All ages:


Equine Art classes:

$175 for 1 hour & 1/2  -  art class - Check for class day and availability

We accept Zelle, pay pal (+$2 fee), check or cash payable to Worlds Alive Equine2

to register: email: or text/call: 805-766-8057

What You can learn:
-Various art mediums

-Horse and animal behaviors

What you can gain: 

-Natural healing from horses

-Connections that enrich life

WEEK 1: Pony Paints/Chalk
- Equine Canvas

WEEK 2: Braiding

Learn various different braiding techniques

-Learn grooming tools and techniques

WEEK 3: Make a journal Day 1

-Begin creating your own journal (color, glue 

magazine pictures etc)

Instructor will laminate prior to next class

WEEK 4: Complete a journal Day 2/Mandalas

-Complete your laminated journal and take it home

- Horse mandala coloring page


WEEK 5: Rock Painting/

-Paint your own rock to take home to your garden


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Painting on Ty.jpg
Journals front.jpg
Chalk on Ty May 3 2022.jpg
Horse painted rock.jpg

Contact to Register:

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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