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Natural Horsepersonship &
Basic Animal Care



Offering a 1 week course starting in Spring

Our patient therapy animals will calmly stand by while you learn.

By the end of the entire course: will understand basic animal care, health, wellness and safety. See each day's information below.

Class Information:

This is a 5 day course - Monday - Friday from 11am - 12:30pm.

AGES: 18 years and older
          9 - 17 yrs of age (without an adult)
          5-8 yeas of age (with 1 adult FREE) 


$70per class, per person, for the first person and $60 for the second, $45 for the third if all registering at the same time.

If registering for all 5 days it is $65 per week per person ($55 for the second and $40 for the third)

We accept Zelle, pay pal (+$2 fee), check or cash payable to Worlds Alive Equine2

to register: email: or text/call: 805-766-8057

What You will learn:
- Horse Handling
- 3 different types of halters and use
- 3 ways to back a horse on the ground
- basic grooming techniques & tools
- parts of the horse
- basic horse, chicken, goat care
- How to pick horses feet
- How to saddle/bridle a horse
- How to remove saddle/bridle
- How to move a horse with a rope & whip (ground) etc.

DAY 1:

- Learn about 3 different types of halters and different types of rope clasps.

-Halter/rope care/knots

-3 ways to back a horse

-Moving a horse with energy (body, rope, whip)

-Basic horse safety and behavior


DAY 2:


- Horse Care

- Parts of the horse

-Nutrition (Types of hay and supplements)
-Vaccine/worming schedules and alternatives


DAY 3: 

-Goat and other small animal Care Handling, Housing and Nutrition.

- will receive a fresh egg to take home (optional)

DAY 4: 

-Learn about different grooming tools
-Learn how to properly groom a horse and picking horses' feet
-Mane/Tail Braiding


DAY 5:

-Saddle types

-Bit types

-How to put on/take off and properly store saddle and bridle

-Helmet education

-How to properly mount and dismount a horse (optional and if time permits)

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Contact to Register:

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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